In my earliest days as a Jewish believer in Yeshua, the unspeakable joy of knowing God's love swept over my life.  New songs flooded my heart and I was consumed with singing about my love affair with Jesus.  Alongside these wonderful, exhilarating feelings, I was awakened as never before to the deep pain and comfortless grief of my own Jewish people.  Centuries of anti-semitism perpetrated by so-called "Christians" in the name of Christ created thick walls of resistance in Jewish people to even hearing the name of Jesus.  Most Jews today remain blind to their own Jewish Mess

As Elijah was called by the God of Israel to “repair the altar of the Lord that was broken down” (1 Kings 18:30), so today the body of Messiah in Israel is being used to restore the true worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and to call the people of the Land to turn from their idolatry.  The majority of Israelis today have rejected Orthodox Judaism, but are still longing for a genuine experience of God in their lives.  As a result, many have turned to various forms of occultic Judaism, new age practices, and even Satanism among the youth.  For most of them, their only concept of

Along with the steady growth in the size and maturity of the body of Messiah in Israel in the past decade, there has been a deepening appreciation of the vital role of worship in the advancing of His Kingdom in the face of great spiritual opposition. In these last days, as the battles intensify over the very survival and salvation of our nation of Israel , the Lord is calling His Messianic body in the Land to rise up and take our place as His warrior bride – warring in the spirit, while resting in our Bridegroom.