Beit Yedidia (House Of God's Friend)

Beit Yedidia ("House of God's friend") is located in Central Carmel, right in the heart of the city of Haifa. Because of its convenient location it functions as a community center for Kehilat HaCarmel, and is the home base for Kehilat Kerem El, our Hebrew-speaking “daughter” congregation. Beit Yedidia is alive with activity all through the week, with our mid-week congregational prayer meetings, youth meetings, Bible studies, discipleship classes, Messianic dance classes, and music lessons.

Beit Yedidia also sponsors inter-congregational meetings and conferences, as well as a children's Bible club, and young mothers' group.

Beit Yedidia has multiple guest rooms which are available to serve the local body of Messiah, as well as to host visiting groups from the nations who come for the purposes of prayer, teaching, and forging relationships with the body of Messiah in Israel.

The primary vision of Beit Yedidia is to build up the body of Messiah in Israel, and to reach out to the people of Haifa with the love of God.


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Beit Yedidia Community Center
Community center, Kehilat Kerem El, local and international conferences